Stand-up in support of those fighting corruption and excess sentences in Cook County Courts

UPDATE – COME TO NEXT COURT DATE 12/1/2017 room 506 2600 S. California, Chicago at 10 AM

Judge Cannon acting bizarre-ordered arrest disability assistant without cause-refusing to sign order for motion granting modification order & refusing to allow Shelton to argue pre-trial motions while harassing Shelton by refusing to accommodate disability.

Update 12/9/16: UPDATE – On 12/9/16 Judge Cannon granted Motion to rewrite the order denying Motion to Declare Battery statute unconstitutional so that Shelton can immediately appeal it; however, when a crazy detainee bolted and ran into Shelton trying to escape on 12/9/16 Shelton was slightly injured and hearing rescheduled for 1/20/17 when order will be written and Shelton will finish her argument that charges are void due to prosecutor’s fraud upon the grand jury.

COME TO COURT and stand-up for an activist under siege from false charges and defamation of character meant to shut her up, who has been working behind the scenes to expose judicial, prosecutorial, and police misconduct in the Chicago area for 15 years.

Dr. Shelton is a behind the scenes activist for court reform, civil rights, and rights of minorities, poor, and disabled. Come to court12/9/16, room 506, 2600 S. California, Chicago at 10 AM and stand-up for her to show support for her fight against false arrest and abuse of minorities, poor, and disabled; against extortion of defendants by State charging exorbitant fees for processing bail bond; and against false arrest, malicious prosecution, and biased profiling of citizens.

Come to next court date 12/9/16 at 10 am rm 506. 2600 S California, Chicago, for argument that indictment should be stricken for fraud upon the grand jury by the State’s Attorney in failing to present fact that alleged act of “touching an officer’s ear” was induced/triggered by the Sheriff Courtroom Deputies violating ADA accommodations for disabled Shelton in that they pushed her, causing her to lose balance, and triggered a PTSD flashback, causing her to cower and waive her hands around her head believing she was being attacked.

UPDATE: 7/13/16 Judge Cannon denied motion to declare battery statute unconstitutional and defied higher courts by failing to state why this order was not immediately appealable, so Shelton cannont appeal this order until the end of the case. She has filed a motion to clarify the order and follow higher court precedent and declare that there is no reason to delay appeal of this order.

Shelton argued her motions to clarify 7/13/16 order denying motion to declare IL Battery Statute unconstitutional

Shelton’s argument for her motion to declare the IL battery statutes unconstitutional was rebutted by the state in June with the comment that they “stand on their pleadings.” Judge Cannon will issue her written opinion on the motion on 7/13/16, after taking the motion to declare the battery statute unconstitutional “under advisement” – see below. Read motion States Attorney Anita Alvarez has been totally unresponsive to Shelton’s concerns about unlawful arrests, malicious prosecutions, and illegal acts by Sheriff and police.

Sheriff Dart is a hypocrite in condoning his Sheriff Staff’s attack against whistle blowers and activists, defaming them with false claims of mental illness and false crimes of battery of officers and won’t discuss this with the press or his Staffs’ victims. He condones State’s Attorney Alvarez’ misconduct in office by helping to cover up officer misconduct, excessive force, medical neglect and abuse at the jail.

Cook County (Chicago) courts are full of false charges, malicious prosecutions of poor, disabled, minorities, and whistle blowers, as well as run by incompetent, corrupt, and bribed judges and attorneys. Judges and attorneys went to jail for this corruption and bribery 30 years ago in the famous “Greylord” prosecutions, but it still is as active as ever.

States Attorney Anita Alvarez charged Chicago Police Officer Servin with involuntary manslaughter for killing Rekia Boyd instead of the appropriate charge of murder. Judge Porter dismissed the involuntary manslaughter charge stating that the act was murder as he willfully fired into a crowd of people and dismissed the involuntary manslaughter charge. As he can’t be charged with a higher charge for the same crime, this officer got away with murder. Officer Servin was off duty on the night of March 21, 2012, when he got into a verbal altercation over loud music with a group of people gathered in a West Side alley. He said he felt in fear for his life when he fired over his shoulder into the crowd. One of the shots killed bystander Rekia Boyd, 22.

Yet SA Alvarez is charging Linda Shelton, a disabled activist, with felony aggravated battery to an officer for, in a courtroom, allegedly “touching an officer’s ear” with no injury. This brings a sentence of 3-14 years in prison if convicted.

Yet, the State through the court disability coordinator knew before the court date that I have multiple physical disabilities and use a walker –

(INCLUDING BALANCE ISSUES so when I’m push I reach out and grab with my hands to try and steady myself)

as well as that I have post-traumatic-stress disorder due to being beaten by police.

Shelton gave her a letter from Shelton’s psychiatrist who treated her for PTSD that states that Shelton “misperceive ongoing events” if the PTSD FLASHBACKS are triggered, that she cower and tries to protect herself with her arms waving around her head!

The courtroom SHERIFF STAFF PURPOSELY GRABBED SHELTON AND PUSHED HER TO TRIGGER A FLASHBACK then failed to “stand back” and give her time to “recover her mental equilibrium” and become aware of where she was, as recommended by her physician in this letter.

The sheriff staff and judge knew this before court – purposely triggered a flashback and therefore knew Shelton could not have conscious intent to “harm” and officer or make”insulting or provoking contact”. As this alleged crime would be a misdemeanor, since the “victim” was an officer, the SA raised the charge to a felony!!!

This was a violation of federal law as the court was REQUIRED to accommodate Shelton’s disabilities as she requested and listen to her doctor’s letter.


Come to court and stand in gallery to show support for Dr. Linda Shelton who writes this blog and several other blogs exposing Cook County Court, Sheriff and police misconduct and crimes including and  Shelton needs a large grass roots effort to protect her so these web sites are not shut down. Show support for her fight against false arrest, excessive force, excessive sentencing, lack of rehabilitation, lack of restorative justice, illegal bond retention statute, unconstitutional battery statute, illegal procedures in divorce and probate court, wrongful theft of estates from elderly by court-appointed guardians.

Next hearing on case 12 CR 22504 is 1/20/17,, room 506 at 10 am 2600 S California, Chicago, IL

Fantastic news is that on Sept. 30, Shelton argued her motion to declare part of the Illinois Bail statute unconstitutional which allows the state to keep 10% of the bail bond paid, as a fee for processing the bond, despite the fact that it costs the same amount to process a $100 bond check as a $30,000 bond check.

So it is exploitation & fraud to charge one person $10 and the other $3,000 for this one service, whether they are innocent or guilty. In Illinois if you pay 10% of the bail (i.e. the bail bond) you can get out of jail pretrial on bond, but if you don’t show up for court, the state can declare that you forfeited the whole amount of bail ($300,000 for which you pay $30,000 to get out of jail) and then go after collecting it from you. Read the motion that will be argued here.

Judge Cannon said she was going to grant this motion – but then she entered and continued it after the argument was over saying that Shelton didn’t have standing because the clerk had not yet withheld the money. That is baloney as the clerk has already collected the bond money so by statute must keep the 10% fee. A new law will go into effect in Jan. 2016 that in counties greater than 3 million people the clerk may not keep more than $100 of the bond, but this still means the law is unconstitutional. Judge Cannon acted illegally by continuing her ruling until the end of the case.

Hear Judge Cannon’s written opinion on Shelton’s motion on 7/13/16 in court rm 506, 2600 S. California, 10 am. On 5/9/16,, Shelton argued her motion that the IL aggravated battery statute is unconstitutional. She needs a continued big audience 4 her case – PLEASE APPEAR IN THE GALLERY.

We must stand together against the Cook County INJUSTICE SYTEM!!

Now they are trying to shut me up by charging me with felony battery for “touching an officer’s ear” during a PTSD flashback the officers triggered using information they received from the court disability coordinator – where I requested disability accommodations including not doing things that trigger flashbacks and backing-off if a flashback occurred until it passed as recommended by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Galatzer-Levy. The Cook County Courts pervasively refuse to accommodate litigants’ disabilities and use their disabilities against them.

Possible sentence up to 14 years is outrageous, disproportionate and unconstitutional. I also have motions challenging the bond retention statute as unconstitutional and the battery statute as unconstitutional. Come to court and stand in gallery – help me fill gallery – or the judge will blatantly violate the constitution and laws if there are few witnesses. Help me get press coverage!! Help me please as much as possible get this covered. Next hearing on case 12 CR 22504 is 1/20/17,, room 506 10 am 2600 S California, Chicago, IL

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